Google® Apps for Business

Trioptek is proud to offer Google® Apps Premier for Business!  Google® Apps can offer our clients the kind of powerful solutions and extreme cost savings that only Google can bring to the table.  Google® Apps Premier is the pinnacle of hosted business applications and can offer your company an entire cloud-based solution that includes email and collaboration, contact management, shared calendars, seamless smartphone syncing (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile), full online document storage and editing, unlimited video storage and publishing, rapid template-based website deployment, and MUCH more.  There is simply no other solution in the world that can give your business so much for so little. 

Trioptek offers Google® Apps Premier solutions that include full management and administration for a fraction of the cost of competing products like Microsoft® Exchange. 
Our Management and Administration services include full Google® Apps domain deployment, setup and maintenance for all of your Google® Apps Premier users.  Google® Apps Premier can cut your IT service costs by dramatic levels while giving your company a more robust and flexible solution that can scale quickly and integrate with thousands of other cloud-based applications in the Google Apps Marketplace.  

For your convenience, please see the embedded website below for real-time access to the Google® Apps Premier website.

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