Managed Antivirus

Worry free, Managed Antivirus powered by industry leading Eset NOD32 Antivirus!  Having antivirus protection on your Microsoft Windows computer is a fact of life.  Unfortunately, most antivirus products slow your computer down, require constant adjustment, and can leave you exposed to security risks when they suddenly expire... but there is another option! Trioptek offers a better way to gain superior antivirus protection without all the hassles, lost computer performance and large expenses.

Trioptek is proud to be an Authorized Eset Partner and Managed Service Provider! We utilize our relationship with Eset to offer our clients a fully hosted and managed antivirus solution, powered by the industry leading and proven Eset NOD32 Antivirus and Security products.  No other solution available can offer you or your company the same level of protection, performance, notification and worry free experience. 

Trioptek maintains the NOD32 Antivirus licenses for you, and your antivirus protection will NEVER expire unexpectedly.  As a managed service, Trioptek will notify you of any security or virus threats that are detected on your NOD32 protected computers.  With Eset NOD32, you will never have to worry about your computer performance slowing down, and NOD32 has consistently shown to be the best antivirus product at detecting new threats and eliminating virus infections.  But the best part is the price... As a managed service, you pay a small monthly fee per computer instead of the typical large upfront expense associated with most other antivirus solutions!  There simply is no better way to gain the antivirus protection you need! 

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