Domain Name Management

Professional domain name management that you can depend on.  Managing a domain name can be a complicated task.  We know that our clients depend on us to help them manage their IT infrastructure including their servers, websites, email, etc., but did you realize that one of the most important aspects of your IT infrastructure is your domain name?  Having a professional manage your domain name and all related DNS entries is critical to the performance of every Internet connected service that your business may have.  If your domain name fails, then so does every other aspect of your online presence. 

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From timely renewals to the creation and management of DNS records, Trioptek can ensure that your valuable online presence is available and setup properly.  Our professional network admins are able to manage your domain name regardless of where it is registered.  We can also transfer your domain name to our preferred Domain Registrar, GoDaddy, to facilitate even more advanced management of your domain name.  Combined with any of our other Hosted IT Services, Domain Name Management means that Trioptek can handle the management of every aspect of your online presence.  




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