Virtual and Dedicated Servers

We understand what our customers need - high performance, flexible and affordable server solutions!  Our Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Dedicated Servers are for our clients that need to run their own server environments for hosting multiple websites, custom applications, databases and any other application that may be required.  Our servers are powered by high performance Intel® and AMD® server processors and maintained by Trioptek in our secure data center facilities.  Each virtual and dedicated server can be customized to meet the requirements that each customer may have.

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All Trioptek Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers include multiple backups with rollback/snapshot recovery, enterprise grade hardware and data storage, hardware firewall security with management, redundant power, scalable resources and flexible bandwidth.  We also offer optional server management and administration services including custom configuration of your server environment, user management, application installation, custom security policies and any other administration task that might be necessary.  Our virtual and dedicated server soutions offer so much more than just a server.  Our clients know they can rely on Trioptek to deliver the performance and service level they need when it comes to their hosted server infrastructure. 



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