Secure Offsite Data Backup

Can you or your business afford to lose critical business data?  In today's modern business environment, one of the most valuable assets your business has is its data.  How you protect that data is one of the most important decisions your company will make.  Protecting your company data with an offsite backup plan ensures that your data is protected against theft, fire or other disasters that might occur at your business location, effectively rendering most onsite backup solutions useless.  Trioptek can offer your company a Secure Offsite Backup solution that can operate as a stand-alone system, or complement your existing backup solution or plan.  Trioptek's Secure Offsite Backup solutions are 100% encrypted from end to end, and completely managed and monitored daily by Trioptek.  With a variety of plans to fit your needs, we can ensure that our clients receive just the right solution that can easily grow with their data storage requirements.

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Trioptek's Offsite Secure Backup solutions are easy to deploy and use should data recovery become necessary.  If data recovery is required, your data can be remotely restored within minutes.  Trioptek's completely automated solution is a "set it and forget it" solution for our clients.  Trioptek ensures that your backups run as they are scheduled and will intervene if needed and notify you immediately if problems exist with your backup. 


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